Causes and Effects of Studying In Australia Cause and Effect Essay

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to study in Australia. On the other hand, the effects of studying in Australia are numerous. Causes of studying in Australia include the need for high quality education, new cultural experience, and for flexibility in one’s studies (Ong 38). Australia offers high quality education that is recognized by employers throughout the world. In addition, it is known for excellence in many disciplines because of its teaching and research facilities that are of high standards.


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Secondly, the need for new cultural experience is another cause for studying in Australia. Australia is a multicultural society that offers an excellent learning opportunity for international students (Ong 39). Thirdly, the need for flexibility in studies may motivate one to study in Australia. There is flexibility in its mode of teaching thus enabling students to study while working part-time jobs.

Effects of studying in Australia include better performance at work, increased knowledge, better relationships with people from around the globe, and better communication skills (Ong 41). The opportunity to work while studying is important in imparting working experience that ensures good performance at work after graduation Australia’s cultural diversity imparts knowledge on ways to deal with people from different ethnicities, countries, religions, and races.

High quality of education offered ensures that a student accumulates knowledge that assists in solving problems and dealing with difficult life situations (Ong 42). This improves the quality of life in all aspects. In addition, interacting with people from different places in the world hones an individual’s communication and interaction skills. In today’s world, good communication and interaction skills are important in order to enable individuals to deal with people and seize opportunities to develop their careers.

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