Precast Concrete Decks

About Precast Concrete Decks

Precast Concrete decks offer an easy to install, cost effective, long lasting solution for exterior decks.

Northwest Precast can engineer and produce a Precast deck to meet the requirements or specifications of your project.

-High strength 8,500 psi concrete.

-Reduces Thermal Heat Transfer to building.

-Non-Slip/Waterproofing coating applied at our plant before delivery to the job site.

-Cost effective for High Rise buildings

-Designed with a slope and drip edge underneath for water management.

-Threaded inserts cast into the precast for railing attachment.

Examples of Precast Concrete Decks

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  • Decks_underside close
  • Decks_Front
  • Decks_stacked
  • Deck_Underside