In 2022 Northwest Precast completed construction and moved into its new manufacturing facility located in Puyallup, Washington.  With a footprint just under 80,000sf on an 11-acre site, Northwest precast has increased its production floorplate by almost 5x from the previous plant.  As a green-field project intended to carry Northwest Precast through the 21st century, this new facility integrates state-of-the-art tools and technology with lean processes for efficiency, quality, and consistency.

This facility includes two planetary mixers with one and three CY output capacities, and a fully automated batching system using three, fifty-ton cement silos, ten aggregate bins, screw and belt material conveyors, and the BatchTron II Concrete Batch Control System.  This equipment has reduced batching turn-cycles by nearly 50% with reduced waste by almost 30%.  The production floor is supported by two overhead cranes of 10-ton and 30-ton capacity, and six hydraulic form tilt tables, allowing production of a wide range of architectural precast shapes and sizes.

The plant utilizes NG fueled boilers and more than 60,000sf of under-floor radiant heating for concrete curing and environmental controls.  This heating system has reduced operating costs and product cure times, while improving quality and consistency.  The facility includes a closed loop process water recovery and recycling system, reducing production water use and effluent waste more than 40% from previous.  The plant includes a 4,500sf metal fabrication shop, 4,500sf carpentry shop, and 3,500sf wash bay, providing reliable turn-key production workflow.

Our upgraded facility provides the controls necessary to produce quality products and gives us the capacity to service all of your needs.

Computerized Aggregate Mixing