Architectural Precast

About Architectural Precast

The growth of Architectural Precast Concrete is largely based on the fact that it makes economic sense. Design flexibility and long-term durability is what makes it a product of choice for many. Architectural precast can increase the life and value of a building, but doing so in a way that limits the environmental impact through ‘green’ building practices. The inherent versatility of architectural precast helps provide solutions for many design challenges. Unlimited colors, shapes, and sizes are available to you. Whether it’s used as a primary cladding in a modern design or as an accent component on a classic masonry building, precast offers an attractive element to your project.

From color options, to attachment details, to identifying cost saving options – we look forward to working with you in the design phase of your project.

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Examples of Architectural Precast

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  • St Marys
  • Overlake
  • Four Seasons Spa
  • cobe-2
  • cobe-1
  • ap-2